About Us

Noble Artisan Woodworks designs and hand crafts fine furniture and woodwork pieces. We do custom work including jewelry boxes, dining tables and desks, television armoires, light fixtures, library cabinets and entire kitchen and bath cabinetry.  To the extent possible, we use solid hardwood, domestic to the United States and Canada.  Our manufacturing studio is located in Orange City, Florida and all of our pieces are 100% made in the USA.  We prefer to use the natural color of the wood, rather than stain, dye, or glazes.  For veneers, we prefer to re-saw our own thicker material on the bandsaw, attaching them to the substrate with our vacuum press.  Modern commercial veneers, while beautiful, are so incredibly thin that wear and surface damage are a concern.   We strive to use domestically produced sheet goods to support our timber industry and to ensure quality.  We work in many styles from rustic re-claimed material from eastern barns, through the Arts & Crafts period to sleek mid-century modern.

Why the name “Noble Artisan Woodworks?” Because we are passionate about our craft and have a whole-hearted desire to create elegant and timeless woodwork products. What sets us apart from others in the trade is our transparent process, fairness to our clients, and the drive to bring each design vision to life with the intent to exceed expectations. Our creations are truly a form of artistry in both design and construction. We hold our work to the highest standards of quality and durability to ensure not only an aesthetically beautiful and pleasing piece but one that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Although our facility is located in Florida, we welcome orders from across the country. Contact us toll free at 1-877-502-1666 or email us today for a custom quote!


Betty H.

The Noble Artisan Woodwork’s President and Chief Executive Officer is no stranger to juggling multiple roles. As a university student, Betty earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University while involved in both graphic design and political science.  Upon graduation, she obtained various positions in the field of executive administration within the medical device, insurance and the telecommunications industries.  During this time, she also became a wife and a mother to three beautiful children; her greatest achievements in life and her biggest sources of inspiration.

Over the past several years, Betty has invested significant time and energy into entrepreneurial endeavors and successful freelance ventures, most notably her “Creative Babee” graphic design and virtual assistant business as well as her ecommerce brand “Goddess Planet.” She provides a unique skill set being a creative graphic designer, an excellent communicator, resourceful and technologically savvy, and possessing knowledge in online marketing and social media platforms.

Betty has won various design awards on crowd funding sites such as DesignCrowd and 99designs. She also brings over twelve years of executive administrative experience to Noble Artisan Woodworks and a dynamic, innovative and sweet personality.

Betty’s tasks as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Noble Artisan Woodworks include strategic business development, overseeing daily operations, website development and operation, graphic design, marketing, social media presence, and the myriad administrative tasks that are required of a small furniture studio business.

The Noble Artisan

Terry Woolston

Terry Woolston is “the” Noble Artisan himself, the clever designer and master craftsman behind the name.

Terry is a former attorney, a passionate mountain climber, and equally passionate furniture maker.   Instead of going to the office, he now heads to the furniture studio every day.  After a life of creating documents and crafting arguments, there is a tremendous joy and satisfaction in producing functional art in the form of custom furniture.

The use of wood, in its various colors, forms, grain patterns and textures, allow for tremendous artistic expression. Terry’s furniture designs strive for that simple elegance so characteristic of heirloom quality pieces.  Often, a second or third glance will begin to reveal subtle layers of detail in a furniture piece, the grain from one board running linear fashion across a set drawer fronts, for example.  Or the curve of a stretcher mimicking the arched grain in a carefully selected furniture component.

Furniture making at the artisan level rewards striving for perfection, what many call a slightly obsessive nature.  The studio is a purpose-built facility, which is never quite spacious enough.  Terry has traded a passion for German sports cars (Porsche’s of course) for a more pragmatic investment in German/Austrian woodworking machinery (yes, there is some Italian tooling).  The quality of the machinery allows full expression of the drive to create that functional art called Noble Artisan Woodworks furniture.

Terry’s preferred style is from the Arts & Crafts period; simple and elegant in design.  Traditional joinery in construction.  However, the design principles and handcrafted practices are equally applicable to the most modern of design aesthetics.  The use of glass, metal and wood blend in a harmonious symphony.