Artistic Wooden Furniture

Complete your home décor with the warmth, richness, comfort, and elegance of Noble Artisan Woodworks Furniture.  We design and handcraft fine furniture to transform any interior with simple elegance. Explore our portfolio of tables,  cabinets, shelves, chests and drawers and other pieces from our gallery page and you will discover the quality of our work. We provide timeless quality products that cannot be replicated in factories.


Noble Artisan Woodworks makes skillfully intertwines art with wood in all of its creations. With every piece, clients can feel the beauty, strength and sustainability of  our designs. We love to provide our clients with the pleasure of owning a commendable piece of  wooden luxury which will stand the test of time and make them feel at one with nature.


We offer custom wood creation which we term “functional art.” Our expert craftsman, Terry Woolston works with top-grade equipment and tools inside our 3000 square feet studio located in Longwood, Florida to bring every client’s vision to life. We work with various aesthetic styles! Whether you want a mid century modern piece or something more detailed, we will custom design and handcraft it for you.


Contact us today at 602-820-6668 or email for a custom quote. We would be happy to design an heirloom quality, handcrafted piece tailored to you!