Discover Handmade Furniture American made!

Handmade furniture has its own unique charm. The best thing about working wit Noble Artisan Woodworks is that you can bring your own creativity and ideas into the design. Noble Artisan Woodworks is your one stop destination for beautiful handmade furniture 100% made in the USA!

We can create bespoke artisan furniture for your space. We have the an experienced and meticulous woodworker to match your unique decor style and cater to your personal preference.


Carefully Handcrafted

We carefully handcraft furniture using the best quality wood and other materials. The hardwoods we use are ethically sourced and eco-friendly. Our experienced craftsman is an expert in the field and excellent results are visible both in design and construction.

Handcrafted furniture has a unique characteristic as no two pieces can truly be identical. No matter what kind of design or style of wood furniture you are interested in, we can build it for you paying meticulous attention to detail and resulting in a beautiful, lifelong piece.


They are Beautiful and Durable

Wood is one of the most popular materials for furniture. We use solid hardwood from the United States and Canada only. Using the natural color of the wood, we can create the most beautiful looking furniture for you.  We create heirloom quality furniture pieces that are meant to last for years and even generations. We can create a variety of wood styles and stains. Our handcrafted furniture and woodwork pieces in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona are known for their excellent artistic quality and unique character.

No matter what type of furniture or cabinetry piece you are looking for, our artisan woodworker will exceed your expectations.


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