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Noble Artisan Woodworks has relocated its operation base to central Florida! We now have a beautiful industrial space of over 4000 square feet in Longwood, half an hour north of Orlando. This facility allows us room for expansion and larger storage capability. You will find us busy manufacturing custom furniture and cabinetry pieces for a new plane hanger office suite in Northern Ontario. In addition, we have been creating custom coffee tables, closet furniture, dining tables and cutting boards for regional customers.  We look forward to continue servicing your fine furniture and cabinetry needs for years to come!

Noble Artisan WOODWORKS has expanded our repertoire to include custom Judaica  pieces such as beautiful challah boards (for cutting and serving bread) with intersecting inlays of various wood tones, adorned with elegant handles. We have also handcrafted elegant tzedakah boxes (charity boxes) adorned with sterling silver stars of David.  If you have a piece in mind that you would like custom designed and handcrafted, we would be happy to work with you to bring your vision to life!

The Noble Artisan has been hard at work creating some beautiful new pieces of fine furniture. From a mahogany and quilted maple elephant table with curved legs resembling tusks, to a beautiful console table and a complete kitchen cabinetry project, we are enjoying the woodworking process and fulfilling our passion for true artistry.  On the horizon, we have bedroom furniture and bookcases to handcraft which will we look forward to beginning shortly.


Have you ever wanted to create beautiful framed glass doors for your kitchen cabinets? This video will showcase and explain the process in doing so….

We have been commissioned to create a custom kitchen cabinetry project using knotty alder. The client wanted us to highlight and showcase the natural knots in the wood. You can view more on the making of this project via our YT channel.
Lumber and storage racks are essential for a woodwork shop. Take a look at how we built ours:

Here is our latest video showcasing the manufacturing of frame and panels for our client’s kitchen cabinetry project:

 The Best Woods for Furniture Making:


As a softwood, pine is not appropriate for all wood furniture projects. Pine is a lightweight material which makes it easy to work with and move once a piece is completed, but is more susceptible to dings and scratches than hardwood options. More often than not, pine furniture lumber requires a coat of primer prior to painting or staining because it has a pale hue in its natural state. Pine is one of the least expensive choices.
Maple is known for its strength and durability. The most common real wood furniture created from maple includes bedroom furniture or large hutches and china cabinets because of its known sturdiness. Maple wood is resistant to moisture and often has unique swirls in the wood grain that make it stand out from other hardwood choices. It is most commonly found in a light color, but takes stains and paint well.
Oak has a longstanding reputation of both beauty and strength. Real wood furniture made of oak often has a pink, reddish or green tint depending on the type of oak tree harvested, but all take stain and paint easily. Oak features open wood grain which makes mixing and matching other furniture pieces in the home a simple task. Because of its durability and popularity, oak can be a pricier option than other hardwoods.
Cedar is a great option for decks or outdoor spaces. As a softer wood, cedar is easy to maneuver and it is highly resistant to rot. Cedar often has warm tones of red and brown with a light grain, and takes to stain and paint with ease.
Cherry Wood
Cherry wood is another popular selection for types of wood for furniture, although it is best used for indoor pieces. As a true hardwood, cherry wood is known to be resistant to decay and rot and is able to stand up to dings, dents and scratches throughout the years. Because of its density and strength, it can be difficult to work with when creating real wood furniture. Cherry wood, as its name suggests, comes in deep red hues with noticeable grain.
Black Walnut
Black Walnut is a great wood to work with and is simply beautiful. It is fairly common, and good quality black walnut lumber is not hard to find. With that said, there is no getting around the fact that you will pay more for walnut than for other domestic hardwoods. For that reason, some woodworkers treat it more like a rare exotic lumber — saving it for accent pieces or small components in a bigger piece. Black walnut looks especially beautiful with a clear finish. It is definitely one of our favorite wood species to work with!

Our latest commissioned project: The making of a beautiful modern black walnut coffee table and 2 end tables featuring bent lamination arches and custom stainless steel structural components. Design is simple, elegant and classic in nature.


Join us in our latest post as we showcase “The Making of a Modern Curved Leg Cherry Wood End Table.”  The table makes for a beautiful heirloom piece with it’s curved legs reminiscent of an hourglass shape. If interested in purchasing this end table, it is available for sale on our website.


Watch our latest video on the making of a beautiful curved mantel piece adorning a “beehive” fireplace: 6” deep, by 8” high by 7” feet long, spanning wall to wall above the fireplace.   Made of solid grain alder wood, the top and bottom plates were constructed of a wide glue-up, cut to the above dimensions and scribed fit to the irregular stucco wall then stained to match existing cabinetry.  The mantel was affixed to interior support brackets with unobtrusive screws.  Installation was easy and the mantelpiece fit nicely. Our client was very happy with the work.

Have you seen the “reveal” aka part II of the Executive Desks project? We have posted it on YouTube and have received wonderful feedback from our viewers. Take a look at how we finished the process of creating two beautiful black walnut executive desks and watch The Noble Artisan’s hard work come to fruition with the exquisite final product:

Visit our YouTube Channel “The Noble Artisan” and journey with us through our latest artisan-creation process. We were commissioned to design and create two modern executive desks out of black walnut. The clients are both tall, solid, former athletes so the design needed to be sturdy and visually strong. The inspiration for the elegance came from the sandstone arches in nature; a central feature will be two structural arches per desk made of multiple strips of handsawn black walnut, the laminates glued up in a custom form to create a two inch thick arch with a given radius. The desktops are solid walnut glue ups over 3 feet wide and over an inch thick. Follow us as we illustrate the intricate process involved in producing these two executive desk pieces and show you the reasons why The Noble Artisan’s work is truly a work of art and a lifelong investment of heirloom quality.


Did you know that each individual piece The Noble Artisan creates has its own unique markings just as the trees in the forest are not identical. There are grain variations that help distinguish each piece as unique and full of it’s own natural artistry. It is not uncommon to find different grain contrasts in the same piece of solid wood furniture. The lighter grain was closer to the tree’s bark (sapwood) and the darker grain was closer to the tree’s center (heartwood). Grain variations and natural markings should not be viewed as flaws. They have absolutely no effect on your furniture’s durability or structural integrity. Mineral deposits and other characteristics are much like the nubs you find in fine fabrics such as silk and linen; they are true indications of genuine quality and authenticity. You should be aware that cheaper furniture massed produced is generally made of low quality wood or plastic plastic veneers that have undergone a multi-step chemical process of bleaching, texturing and staining in order to masque these natural characteristics of wood. The Noble Artisan – handcrafted wood work, heirloom quality, unique masterpieces!