Much of Noble Artisan Woodworks’ pieces are custom designed based on client’s criteria and individual specifications. That being said, many creations are original design.  Even when building a project from plans, the finished work ends up merely being “inspired by” or “influenced by” the original format.  Those mid-project changes can cause no end of trouble.  However, in the midst of creation, often the full scale three-dimensional modeling with the actual furniture components suggests a “mandatory” change.  Perhaps, at times, the re-design corrects a machining error, but in any case, the “fix” usually end up better than the original plan.

Custom design opens the ideas box; not just thinking outside the box but designing a new box.  If you hold client conferences in your office, a few extra inches of desk top space on the front side gives the client room to settle in and be comfortable.  The height of ones’ elbow when standing informs the comfortable stand-up desk surface height.

We work in many aesthetic styles.  Good modern design shares the clean lines and interesting spatial relationships with century old Arts & Crafts furniture.  Good design has some pleasantly human rules; the Golden Ratio pleases the eye now as it did when derived by the Greeks several millennia ago.  we like to think of our furniture as functional pieces of art, tailor made to you and your needs.  Wood species, natural color, and grain patterns all contribute to the palette that allows creation of your piece of heirloom wood construction.

Contact us today toll free at 1-877-502-1616 or email for a custom quote. We would be happy to design an heirloom quality, handcrafted piece tailored to you!